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4 Reasons to Love Independent Living Facilities

Independent living facilities offer older adults a maintenance-free lifestyle with convenient amenities that make the transition to retirement easy. These communities typically offer a range of residence options, such as apartments, freestanding cottages, villas, and townhomes.

On-site facilities like beauty and barber salons, multiple dining options, woodworking shops, or art studios help keep residents busy while providing social connections with peers. They also offer transportation services for local outings.

You Get to Stay in Your Own Home

For many people, retirement is like the ultimate vacation. Independent living communities accent that vacation dream with services and conveniences that make it easy to enjoy the rest of your life. Housekeeping, trash removal, a beauty/barber shop, and meals on-site are just a few options that residents can choose from. These services are included in your monthly fee.

Depending on the community, additional services and amenities can include pool tables, movie events, libraries, fitness centers, art studios, dining rooms, coffee shops, and sports courts. The key is to find a community with the right combination of features for your needs, both now and in the future.

Socialization is a huge component of healthy aging, and most independent living facilities have plenty of opportunities to help you stay connected with old friends and make new ones. You can develop stronger social connections than before as you engage in activities together in shared spaces and on community outings.

You Get to Stay Active

In independent living, you can stay healthy and active while giving up the chores of daily home maintenance. You can also enjoy a full social calendar with events like art classes, tennis, and movie nights.

If you’re considering an independent living community, ask to see a monthly activity calendar and list of services. This will help you decide if the facility is suitable for you. If you choose a faith-affiliated independent living community, it might be helpful to consider whether the activities and services are rooted in that particular religion.

If you’re looking for something more social, many independent living communities like Westminster Oaks have on-site recreation areas to unite people. These facilities often feature a library, game room, and comfortable gathering spaces that make it easy to chat with friends. There are also many options for exercise, like walking clubs and fitness classes. Some even offer personal trainers to keep you feeling fit and in shape!

You Get to Stay Independent

Most seniors want to enjoy the freedom of retirement, including pursuing old hobbies and spending time with family and friends. However, constant responsibilities like yard maintenance and home repair can be cumbersome. That’s why independent living communities are an excellent option for older adults.

In a typical independent living community, services and amenities are included in the monthly rent price. This includes trash removal, transportation, housekeeping, a beauty/barber shop, and meal plans. Other concierge-like services, like travel planning, dry cleaning, and appointment booking, might also be available depending on the community.

Besides the benefits of having your house maintenance taken care of, you’ll also have plenty of time to spend on other activities.

You Get to Stay Healthy

While staying healthy isn’t always easy in the modern world, independent living facilities offer many convenient services and amenities. Many include meals cooked for residents, access to exercise classes, and socialization opportunities that help keep seniors active and healthy.

These amenities can be a lifesaver for those who struggle to maintain a home or cook for themselves. A senior’s daily routine can become more enjoyable and stress-free by eliminating the need to grocery shop and cook.

Plus, a lifestyle free from household chores like shoveling snow or lawn mowing has plenty of health benefits.

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