Oh Sweet Joy!

bedroom decor

I will, sadly, admit that our bedroom is the last to get decorated. I think we had maybe one thing on the wall in our place in Gunnison. We had a window above our bed there, so we never had to get creative with a headboard or decoration. 
Way back in 2010…last January to be exact…I did some repurposing to an old vintage cupboard we had. I took one of the doors (while chase made the remainder into a bookshelf) and made it into a chalkboard for my studio. You can see the whole project here.
This was the result.

Because I made the large embroidery hoop for the guest bedroom and there was not a lot of wall space for this guy in my new studio…I decided to put it above our bed. 
I wrote Song of Solomon 6:3 on it ((it was on our paper goods for the wedding)) and I think it looks great! Can you tell I love decorative pillows? 😉

Bonus: it matches the side tables that Chase made!
What repurposing/redecorating have you done lately?
ps have you seen this?!?!

 I’m totally getting it for craft shows & such for oh, sweet joy! Brilliant. BRILLIANT! I love my iphone. 

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