Oh Sweet Joy!

diy fabric iphone case

I’m always wanting to buy a new iphone case and yet I can never seem to want to spend more than $15 on one. I found the perfect solution, which is what brought along today’s handmade monday project. Enjoy!

Step 1Purchase a clear iphone case. I bought mine here for suuuuper cheap. You can find them anywhere from about $5 to $20. 
Step 2Trace the outline of your iphone onto fabric or pretty paper. Using a scissors ((for fabric)) or an exacto knife ((for paper)), cut out the oval for the camera. I used the case to trace the placement and then trimmed as needed.
Step 3Cut out the fabric, pop it into the case, and slip your phone in. Voila! You’ve got a “new” iPhone case that can be updated as often as your outfit. 😉

Tip:Make sure you are cutting the fabric to where it will be “pretty side” facing outward.

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