((handmade monday)) leather wallet DIY for the fellas

I’ve always wanted to work with leather, but always got distracted with something else. Another project, a headband line, a dress for myself instead, etc. I recently bought a leather hide, some leather needles, and wanted to make Chase a wallet that also held his iphone. I got to it and it was so easy! Here’s an easy peasy tutorial that would be great for a Christmas or birthday gift for your man. 

Supplies You’ll Need:Rotary Cutter & MatThreadLeather NeedlesLeather Sewing Machine

Step one: Cut two pieces of leather using a rotary cutter((Piece one)) 9 inches by 3.25 inches and then angle the top about an inch and a half((Piece two)) 10.5 by 3.25 inchesStep two:Stack pieces and sew the bottom edge

Step three: Sew the top piece onto the long piece up both sides

Step four: Fold in half and sew the sides all the way, going on top of the other holes that the sewing machine made into the leather. Go slow as you sew through these thick layers! 
Step five: Trim your threads and “clean up” the edges with the rotary cutter. 

Options and tips:
-Use sturdy felt in a fun color if you want to make one for yourself
((I almost got a metallic gold hide – how cool would that have been?))
-Go nice and slow while sewing with leather and make sure you have leather needles
-A strong thread will hold up better. 

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