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DIY – Picture Frame Earring Holder

 Hello! So I really wanted a fun way to display some of my covered button earrings at the farmer’s market while bringing more color onto my table. I have seen a lot of these around and thought, I think I could make that! 
Here is one that came up on google from Cut Out + Keep
It was super easy and only cost around 10 bucks. $3 frame, $1.50 worth of mesh wire, a $4 sample of paint, and I already had the spray paint primer from this project.
What you’ll need:staple gunframemesh wire, chicken wire, etcwire cutterspaintprimer (if your frame is dark)paint brush
*i forgot to get  a before shot of the frame. it was bronze-y & brown. forgive me? 🙂 *
step 1: pop out the glass & any inserts in the frame
step 2: prime the frame

step 3: get your paint and paint your first coat. go grab some coffee while it dries.

step 4: paint coat number 2, if needed. 

step 5: get an exacto knife and cut off the cardboard back if it is attached. ( i thought i would use it and then realized…nope! )

step 6: get your wire mesh & cut the size you need. i had to trim mine several times to get it to fit. be careful, that stuff is pokey!

step 7: get your staple gun and even out the wire. staple a few times on each side to secure the wire mesh.

step 8: touch up the paint if it gets scratched during the previous step.

step 9: put some earrings in it, stand back, and enjoy your work!

i love the way it looks with some fabric behind it, but for posted earrings, it wouldn’t be very functional. 
look how cute it looks next to my framed logo! 🙂

have fun! 

i also made this one with chicken wire ((to hang headbands on!)) and used some gray spray paint.  chicken wire was a little difficult to work with, but it turned out well 🙂

(i made those fabric covered clothespins too! super easy but really cute & fun!)


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