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DIY shoe clips

I’m kind of a shoe hoarder. I do purge often, but I can’t help it. I just love shoes. As the weather starts to warm up (hardly), I thought it would be fun to add some shoe clips to some “old shoes” to update them a tad. The best part? They’re interchangeable and removable!

All you have to do is buy (super cheap) shoe clips at your local craft store or from a supplier on etsy. Make your embellishments & make sure you back your embellishment in felt so it doesn’t scratch the top of your shoes when you add the clip. The possibilities are seriously endless. I used huge covered buttons, made some peonies, rosettes (duh), whimsical pinwheels, and two styles of bows. Easy Peasy!
While I was making these, I assumed most of you would be able to figure out how to assemble them. After I made all of them, I realized that was probably super lame of me to assume, so I looked up some tutorials for you for the ones that aren’t self-explanatory. 

Fabric PinwheelsFabric BowsFabric Peonies
I’d love to see what you come up with! Vintage brooches, crazy feather arrangements and some sort of sparkles would all be fun. 
Which one is your favorite? This one is mine:


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