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I have been adamant this entire pregnancy that I wasn’t going to buy into a new wardrobe for these 8-9 months. It seemed silly, unnecessary, and honestly…I’ve not been impressed with many maternity options. A Pea in the Pod was typically too expensive, but it was at least a supplier of some on-trend and nice looking items. Old Navy would typically fall apart, but it was affordable. Target had a poor selection in-store, but it was usually in my price range. Everything else? The God-forsaken side-ruching. 
When I started to…um…expand…and clothes weren’t fitting people kept telling me “just live in dresses” (that’s a nice idea, except for when you feel like a giant coral bus), just wear your maxi skirts (good idea, except it’s winter in Colorado. not exactly seasonally appropriate), and things of the sort. That said, I’ve just decided that everyone is different so take these “must-haves” with a grain of salt. What worked for me might not work for you, but I’m willing to share a bit of my styling expertise ((I use that term a lot more loosely than I used to when I was personal shopping more often)) so you don’t break the bank on a new wardrobe when you get pregnant.
Here are some things that got me through this pregnancy that I felt were worth every dollar. They’re basics that you can likely wear after pregnancy ((for instance, I just repurchased a few of the tanks for post-partum)), staples that will get you through every day, and hopefully items that you may already have!

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1.Loose Raglan Tees – Pockets are a bonus – I had 2 of these before I found out I was pregnant and am still wearing them. I also have a color-blocked version. The ones I love are by Bordeaux and can be found at Anthropologie.
2.The American Apparel T-shirt Dress – No one in my life would be allowed to wear this as an actual dress because it’s SHORT. BUT…it’s perfect for that bump to grow into. I got my normal size (small) and although they’re getting shorter due to the bump, they’re super comfy and great for pairing with skinny jeans. I love how long they are because you won’t be tugging at them all day…I also think they’re SUPER flattering! I bought three colors during a sale and also have one as my countdown tee
3.Layering Tanks – My all time favorite ((that I just bought more of)) is the Liz Lange one from Target. They’re long, stretchy, and way soft. Go ahead and spend the 12.99 and get every color. I swear you’ll wear them all – I wear one almost every day! ((if you’re self-conscious about that “snooze button”these help smooth it out so you don’t have to scream to the world “HEY LOOK AT MY BELLY BUTTON!”))
4.Cozy PJ Pants – After a long day in whatever else you decided to wear, PJ pants were my saving grace. The cuter the better, but I usually just wore my REI fleece cabin fever pants. Elastic waist is a must.
5. AG MATERNITY SKINNIES!!!! – Stepping onto my soap box. Pregnancy is hard. Most women don’t feel their most beautiful selves during the process. Saggy, cheap denim will only make this worse, ladies. I bought a pair of Gap maternity jeans only to find that the knees and butt were super saggy after only 2 hours. The denim was “crunchy” and stiff and I just felt terrible in them. I returned them ASAP. Now, I realize that not everyone has the means to splurge on a fancy pair of denim. Maybe you have never purchased denim that cost over $50. I blame my time at Anthropologie for making me a denim snob, but these AG “legging” (they’re not leggings, they’re legit denim I swear) skinnies are the most comfortable jeans EVER. I will miss wearing them when I’m not pregnant anymore. I haven’t been able to wear or feel good in many dresses since I started to show, so I have literally worn these jeans 6 days a week since I received them in December. The wash is still dark despite many washings and I can wear them for, at least, 3 or 4 days before they start stretching. Not to mention, I will be able to wear them for the next (God-willing) pregnancy. They’re still in that great of shape after so much wear! That’s the benefit of buying GOOD denim and investing in your clothing rather than just throwing $20 at a pair of old navy jeans every season.For me, knowing that I wasn’t going to be buying a ton of maternity clothing, a good pair of denim was a must and the $215 price tag (I got them during a sale and my mom paid for half as a Christmas gift) hasn’t crossed my mind since I wore them the first day. Save up for them. Sell some of your other clothes to pay for them. IT IS WORTH IT to have something you feel great about putting on every morning.6. Colorful printed scarf and/or statement necklace – I’m a fan of basics and a pop of pattern or color. Fun scarves are perfect for that and they draw the eye up, not down…to your possibly expanding hips. 
7. Comfy shoes – A good pair of sneaks are the perfect anchor to looking casual, comfortable, and put together. I love my cheapo vans knock-off lace-ups from Urban Outfitters and I believe Target has some right now too in lots of colors!  Chucks, TOMS, and comfy ballet shoes work great too. 
honorable mention:bella band: my belly band from target lasted me the first four months with my normal jeans & pants. some people hate that thing. i thought it was awesome.
curling wand: i splurged on a nume and i’ve loved being able to feel put together by having my hair done. plus, those prenatals are making your hair look fab, so rock it gals!
longer “boyfriend” cardigans and kimono overlayseasy to layer over those maternity tanks and loose fitting shirts. also great for hiding the fact that you really want to wear a dress that the side zipper won’t zip. not that i ever did that or anything 😉 but for real, being preggo in the winter allowed me to wear a ton of flowy, open sweaters & cardigans like this one. easy outfit.
comfy heels or heeled booties:  having some awesome skinny jeans and a pair of comfy heeled booties to make you feel like a million bucks are a great investment. My faves: here. 
elastic waisted dresses: depending on how low your bump sits, you can pull these off for a while. just make sure they’re long enough!

fun color of lipstick: for me, a fun coral shade from sephora was the winner. 

I hope that was helpful!! If you want to see more about what I wore during my bump growing days, click here. I also wanted to reinforce that this is what worked for ME in the season I was preggo ((fall & winter)). Everyone has a different experience, but if I can help you not to spend a ton of money during your pregnancy on items that you’ll want to throw away afterwards, then I’ve succeeded! 

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