Oh Sweet Joy!

firefly handmade: recap

Warning: LOTS of photos in this post.  Brace yourselves. 

Hey Hey!

Firefly Handmade was such a success and I was in awe the entire weekend of how well done it was all put together. The mood was set by twinkle lights, live music, local eats, and a WIDE variety of quality handmade goods.  There was a row of airstream trailers, food trucks, and vintage trucks turned vendor booth. Vintage blankets and textiles adorned picnic tables and hay bails. Musicians played atop a handsome red flat bed truck. 

Now, here’s my booth 🙂

 I L-O-V-E how it turned out. I totally forgot to bring my camera and honestly it was so busy the ENTIRE time that I am glad I snapped from photos before the market started on my phone! Otherwise, it would not have been documented (yikes!)
I DO apologize for the weird lighting/glare/sun spots. The sun was BRIGHT and because of my (oh, so cute) fence, there are sun “stripes” through most of the photos. 

Really, y’all. Everything was just dreamy. Except for the wind.
This was my booth late afternoon on Saturday. Can you say disaster?

Other than that, it was a wonderful weekend & I’m *SO* looking forward to the next one!

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