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Fresh Summer Salad with Grilled Steak

There is nothing more enjoyable to me in the summertime than a fresh salad and a good protein to top it off with. Grilling is crucial part of enjoying the longer days Summer has to offer and the meal is especially gratifying when there are multiple colors on the salad. This Summer salad with steak has greens, purple, red, yellow, and it’s filling, to boot.

Chase and I picked up some fresh salad ingredients + sirloin tip steaks that were on sale at Whole Foods, as well as a delicious marinade ((and of course some flowers)).  The marinade was a basic steakhouse flavor in a jar that was by the meat counter. His brother, sister and their spouses were spending the night with us, so we were wanting to enjoy an outdoor dinner. This definitely hit the spot.
Here’s the ingredient list, the “recipe” is self explanatory 😉 ((served 6))Mixed Greens or 2 heads of romaine Grilled Corn (2 cobs)1 pint of Cherry Tomatoes, sliced in half1/4 cup CilantroAvocado, sliced  (2)1/4 Red Onion, chopped Queso Fresco Olive Oil Lime JuiceSalt & Pepper2 lbs steakMarinade
For the dressing:I just used olive oil and lime juice, along with salt & pepper. You can always add more, so use the olive oil sparingly and toss until you get the right amount without it getting soggy. 
Serving Suggestion:Toss the cilantro with the lettuce and dressing…then let your guests add everything else in by having the toppings in individual bowls. More dishes, but that way it’s customizable for preferences. 
After the fresh and delicious salads, we balanced out the health factor by heading into Boulder to our favorite gelato spot, Fior Di Latte. It’s seriously the best. We recommend the affogato with mexican coffee gelato and the s’mores gelato. 🙂


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