Oh Sweet Joy!

hand-carved stamps…from APPLES!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! You get a bonus Valentine’s themed tutorial this week brought to you by sweet Erika from Rouge & Whimsy! 
Hi, I’m Erika from the blog and shop Rouge & Whimsy.
I love the almost rustic look of a hand-carved stamps. I’ve seen quite a few cute tutorials on Pinterest , but most require you get a block to carve a stamp from.
I have an even cheaper and easier way to make a handmade stamp using things you have in your kitchen right now… like a potato or apple.

Gather your supplies: knife, apple or potato, stamp pad, paper — carve out shapes — stamp onto paper.
It’s super easy &fun! and of course, when you’re done, you can always eat your remaining stamp supplies… I prefer mine with cheese. 😉

Thanks Kim for having me!

Thank YOU, Erika! I see some stationery in my future.

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