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How to Help Kids Get Used to Wearing Eyeglasses

Kids are often hesitant to wear eyeglasses because they feel uncomfortable, think glasses make them look less cool, or worry other kids will make fun of them.

The first step in helping your child get used to wearing their glasses is to make it a positive experience. Start slowly with short increments of wearing time that you gradually increase.

Please Encourage Your Child to Wear Them All Day

It is hard for anyone to get used to wearing kids eyeglasses, but it can be particularly difficult for kids. They may fear teasing and bullying or even look less cool when they wear their glasses.

Fortunately, the stigma of wearing eyeglasses has faded over time. However, it’s still common for kids to be apprehensive about wearing glasses, so encouraging them is essential.

Start by offering positive reinforcement and praise. Tell your child how much you appreciate them for wearing their glasses, and emphasize that they are helping them see better.

Once they have gotten the hang of wearing their glasses, gradually increase the time required to wear them. Initially, this may only be a few minutes or a small portion of their day.

Eventually, they will realize that they are seeing much better with their glasses and want to wear them all the time. This is a process, but you can help by setting small goals and working your way up to a full-day routine.

Set Small Goals

Getting used to wearing glasses is a big adjustment for kids. The lenses might feel awkward on their nose or ears, making them a target for teasing from their peers.

However, glasses can also help them see better, making a big difference in their school work and overall quality of life. That is why it’s so essential for your child to be on board with wearing their eyeglasses.

One of the best ways to get your child on board is to set small goals for them. Try having them wear their glasses a few times a day for fifteen minutes, then slowly increase the time they wear them each day until they’re used to it.

Another way to help your child feel more confident in their glasses is to encourage them to find role models proud of wearing them. Talk about them and show them pictures of them with their glasses on. They might be heroes, or they could be their favorite comic-book characters or musicians.

Make it Fun

It is essential to make wearing glasses fun for your child. This will help them adjust to their new glasses and get used to needing to wear them.

To make this process more exciting, try to talk about how glasses will make their life easier and how much better they will see the world around them. Explain how glasses will make movies more straightforward and reading books easier.

Moreover, if you want to give them some responsibility, let them take care of their glasses by teaching them how to clean and take good care of them. This will help them to take pride in their glasses and make them more likely to wear them all day.

You can also show them pictures of famous people who wear glasses. This will make them feel more comfortable and confident that it is normal for everyone to wear glasses.

Let Them Pick Out Their Frames

One of the most effective ways to help kids get used to wearing eyeglasses is to let them pick out their frames. This gives them a sense of ownership and helps them feel like they have made a big decision that will affect their daily lives.

You can let them choose from a wide range of frames, including classic shapes, fun colors, and shapes with incredible details like polka dots or sparkles. This way, they can find something they genuinely love and will be eager to wear all day.

To ensure they are comfortable, choose lightweight frames that stay on their face without pinching their nose or ears. Your optometrist can offer advice about a structure that will fit well, especially since little ones grow fast.

A lighter-weight plastic frame will likely be more comfortable if your child is younger. You can also choose more durable metal frames.

You can also point out high-profile people who wear glasses, such as actors or actresses, sports players, and celebrities. This can encourage them to look up to these role models, which will be an excellent way to help them overcome their fear of glasses.

Make it a Family Affair

Whether your child is a toddler or a preteen, getting them used to wearing eyeglasses can be a tricky challenge. But with some patience and effort, you can help them get the hang of it — and get them excited about wearing glasses!

Start by talking about the benefits. Then, show them how many people wear glasses — from beloved grandparents to their excellent teenage babysitters to their pals at school.

If your kiddo is old enough, let them pick out the frames they want to wear, which instills a sense of ownership. It can also be a fun family activity. Set a date for frame shopping and give it a name like “frame day.”

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