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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 9

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 9 was released on September 10, 2021. The name of this episode is “Family Dinner”. It’s gained too much popularity for this episode’s unique storyline and acting. In this episode, Lucifer’s father just came out of nowhere. Everyone is so excited to know what is going to happen next when Lucifer’s father will join the dinner with all. To know more about Lucifer Season 5 Episode 9 keep reading this episode.

Chloe investigates With Lucifer

Chloe meets him in the club, where he is playing the piano for the patrons; she requests a She overhears a private conversation and wonders what happened in the room. Lucifer apologized and said that he had no choice but to go since he couldn’t bear being told what to do next.  Chloe realized what he was saying and assured him she could give him some time. Just like in Part A, Lucifer Season 5, Episode 9 emotionally departs Chloe. The sadder character, the less probable she is to be effectively imprisoned.

A fresh instance has surfaced in which a guy called Chris Peterson was found dead on a miniature golf course. He was charred to death. Chloe had a nervous breakdown as a result of Ella’s actions (surprisingly, despite the shock, Ella quickly returns to work). Meanwhile, Lucifer is arguing with his father in the background, perplexed as to why he is still present. Lucifer is invited to join the family for dinner, but the father refuses to leave the earth until everyone agrees.  

Juan Alibeki

As Chloe and Lucifer approach the soldier, he attempts to load him into the cart, but Lucifer intervenes. Juan maintains he was unaware of Chris’ death until he was detained for illegally fuelling the automobile. He gives Juan his wife and claims Chris is here for work, which makes sense because Chris seemed to be attempting to move out of the family company. Everything has now devolved into a family murder.

Mace begs his father to give him spirits because he is annoyed that everyone else has them. She feels alone because she is unable to connect. Mesi’s father informs him that she is far too good for him and that he will never be able to replace her.  Masi claims she had difficulty when the demons were born, frustrated by her father’s hesitation.

Michael is tracked down

Chloe intends to utilize Lucifer’s family issue to track out Chris’s relatives, whom she refers to as “their Michael.   As a result, they conduct one-on-one interviews with each family member. Brother Larry, it turns out, was always envious of Chris. Lucifer, on the other hand, dislikes this technique since it is too near to him. 

Dinner With The Family

The show’s defining moment, and one of the finest sequences ever, occurs in Episode 9. Season 5 Part B of Lucifer has opted not to participate in the game. Lucifer had an epiphany after Peter’s chat with the family and asks the family to say grace for supper before he begins the meal. That is why they act strangely. Linda is guided by Grace, but it’s ironic that God is also there at the table. Linda discovers delectable cuisine when they begin to eat and refers to it as “paradise. Lucifer chooses to reveal what occurred to Michael, humorously claiming that he orchestrated everything in order to get the family together for dinner.

After his speech, Lucifer tells his father that Hell no longer needs a warden. He then goes on to describe how tough it was to be King of Hell. Michael and Lucifer confront one other and express their displeasure with each other.  The storm begins as dad murmurs, “baby. The candles will be lighted again after this. According to Lucifer, the father is still struggling with the “Old Testament’s” fury.   The father claims that he only needs the food of one household, yet it was insufficient.  She tells the family that it’s alright to be crippled since her three boys want to be loved by their father. Lucifer asks Amenodiel if he would have treated his father Charlie in the same manner as he did. 

The father expresses sadness and demands that all of his children be given autonomy.    When Lucifer asks his father whether he loves him, he glances around the table, wondering if he didn’t tell them. Because he couldn’t feel that way, Lucifer assumed it meant “no” and that the father wouldn’t love him. He then walks away.

Michael was an Earthling

Amenodile, like Chloe and Mace, has suffered a heart attack and is now a father (okay, now I can stop). Amenodial inquires about Charlie; the son does not want to suffer like everyone else, so he requests that his father transform him into a man and Charlie into an angel; he wishes to switch places. Michael interrupts his father’s talk and orders him to leave. Michael was lifted off the ground and ordered to remain motionless. However, it appears that his father is unwilling to make a compromise in Charlie’s life.

Peter Peterson departs

When Lucifer returns to the inquiry, Chloe informs him that he hasn’t added anything to Peter’s confession. They watch Chris with a lady named Betty on Chris’s video camera. They discover, however, that Peter has evaded house arrest and are perplexed as to why he is not charged.  They find Peter at the railway station, and he threatens Betty with a revolver. He understands that none of his children have done so, but Betty finds out that she is leaving town. Betty confesses that she attempted to set fire to the place as Chris fell – she grabbed him when he was attempting to set fire to the company – Betty was attempting to put out the fire, but Chris collided with the concrete and caught fire.   Betty dies before helping him because it was so strong that it ignited a fire. As a result, Chris gave his life to safeguard the family company.

Finally, Mace locates Michael in the club and informs him that she is anticipating his stepping on his weapon. He’ll need a soul when he’s fulfilled his pledge.  Both expressed regret for not receiving what they want. Michael, on the other hand, thinks it will go on “till it’s done.”  Meanwhile, Chloe meets with Lucifer and admits that dragging the case and the family in at the same time was a mistake, and she apologizes for not giving him enough space.   Lucifer compliments Chloe and tells her that she deserves to hear “I love you,” but that he will never be able to do it since he is her father’s son. He acknowledges that he is incapable of loving her and apologizes, believing that saying these three words to her would be a lie. Chloe is in such a bad situation. It’s too much for our hearts to bear. Season 5, Episode 9 of Lucifer brings more befuddlement, pain, and answers to questions. It is not as simple as we believe.

He’s a Father is Different 

When confronted by their father, Lucifer and Michael have the identical reaction: Michael blames the others, Lucifer scoffs at the allegations again, and Amenodial blames himself.   God sighs, “I want my children to be reconciled. Is it too much to ask? Yes, with this particular family.

When Close sees Lucifer, he starts complaining about what his father tells him to do, but she thinks he’s talking about pushing him into the topic of love. Before he could explain himself, she stated she’d give him some room. Meanwhile, God, Linda and Amenadiel’s new housekeeper, wishes to be Charlie’s grandfather.


Chloe discovers what Lucifer has to give when he arrives at the crime scene, and she realizes she’s unhappy with her family. When the gang asks the golf club’s owner’s family whether they know who is setting fire to the dirt, the family points to Javan, the owner of a competing golf course.  

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