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One thing I never want to do is be the least bit inauthentic in this space. Far too often, I see outfit posts that are completely unrealistic and way too flashy for everyday wear. They may be real life for those ladies, but ever since I quit my job at Anthropologie, I haven’t worn a real pair of heels except for at a Christmas party. Have you ever tried to carry a carseat in heels? Far too dangerous. 😉 Thus, unless I’m actually wearing an outfit somewhere, it will not be documented here. I want my style posts to represent me and not someone that I’m trying too hard to be. 

Right now, in this season, I’m a mom with a very humble lifestyle. I have no day job to get dressed up for, no personal shopping clients to meet with, and our date nights are less about getting all fancied up for a nice meal and more about just connecting as husband and wife over a meal not interrupted by Knox screams. With meal planning and grocery shopping on Mondays, Missional Community on Tuesdays, blog and shop work on Wednesdays, house cleaning and such on Thursdays, mom’s small group on Fridays, and trips to the pool & lunch dates thrown in here and there…there isn’t time or reason to mess with a perfectly styled outfit. 

Outfits I wear must be comfortable, realistic, easily accessible for nursing Knox, and normal. We live in Boulder — voted worst dressed city in America. If I go to the grocery store in heels and lipstick, I get more stares than if I walked into a southern baptist church in the Bible Belt with dread locks, Thai fisherman pants, and a sleeve of tattoos. That may be a terrible example, just roll with it. Anywho, my goal is always to inspire – not to intimidate or come off as unapproachable. I never want it to look like I have this extravagant wardrobe and lifestyle that I’m flaunting…because that’s simply not real life.

These shorts, sandals, any tank, and a headband seem to be my summer uniform. It feels simple, yet put-together. A little bohemian, but not too out there. Age & life season appropriate, but not too soccer mom. No offense to any soccer moms. Chances are – you’re rad and bring a mean juice box and fruit slice combo to the table.
Headband – Oh, Sweet Joy! ((coming to the shop soon))Tank, shorts – AnthropologieSunglasses – Ray BanDiaper Bag – ℅ Timi & LeslieSandals  – DSWRing & Earrings – ℅ Splendor Shop
((you can get 15% off at Splendor with the code SWEETJOY!))
Wow. This blog post was not supposed to be this long. I guess since I spend my days saying, “Hi Knox! Where’s your smile?” in a high pitched voice, I needed to form some longer sentences and thoughts. 

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