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oversized fold-over clutch tutorial

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I have seen oversized clutches everywhere lately and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one! Today, I’ll teach you how to save some pennies and sew one with a magnetic closure that is large enough to hold your iPad or e-reader, along with other necessities. Let’s get sewing!

Here’s what you’ll need:threadscissorstwo fabric choices (interior & exterior)magnetic closureinterfacing or feltsewing machine

1. Cut out a pocket, mine ended up being 8X11 inches & fold it in half.

2. Cut out your outside fabric (mine was 11X15 inches). I used my iPad as a guide for how large I wanted it. Use that to cut out the interior fabric with the same dimensions.

3.Pocket: Fold the fabric in half, if you haven’t already, and stitch up the sides, leaving a long side open. Turn it right side out and press, turning in the raw edges. Pin this onto your lining fabric and sew along the sides & bottom. This leaves a nice and clean top part of your pocket! Here is a step-by-step photo break down. 

Note: Make sure you do this before you sew your interior fabric. Not that I forgot and learned the hard way or anything…
4. Fold each fabrics lengthwise, with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Sew up the sides of your EXTERIOR fabric and make sure you leave the top open.
5. Sew up ONE side of your INTERIOR fabric and leave a 3″ opening on the other side. Again, leave the top open. 

*I usually flip to the right sides & iron my pieces at this point*

6. Using the instructions on the packaging, install your magnetic snap. I didn’t use interfacing on this clutch, but wanted to make sure the snap was sturdy, so I put a layer of felt in between the fabric and the snap. 

7. Stay with me & read carefully. Keep the INTERIOR fabric inside-out and turn the EXTERIOR fabric RIGHT-side-out. Put the  EXTERIOR fabric INSIDE the INTERIOR fabric. Line up the top (pin if you’d like) and sew ALL the way around. 

8. Now, using the hole we left open earlier, pull out the EXTERIOR fabric and then sew up the edge of the INTERIOR fabric using a topstitch. Stuff the lining inside, press and VOILA!

I like folding it up a tiny bit so that the lining peeks through. 

Options: 1. Make it in leather, which is next for me! SO fab!2. Add a zipper, rather than the magnetic closure.3. Make the outside colorful, with a solid lining.4. Add interfacing to make it sturdier.5. Topstitch the top opening.

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