tulle skirt tutorial

When I posted a photo on instagram of the tulle skirt I made recently (inspired by this anthro skirt), I was pleaded, demanded, and asked nicely for a tutorial. You people who demanded need to thank the peeps who asked nicely 😉I don’t have a photo step-by-step for this  because the lighting was bunk in my… Continue reading tulle skirt tutorial


heh.See what I did there??? Once I sent my family photos, brother thought it was the “dumbest thing he’s ever seen” and mother asked if I was taking advantage of the fact that recreational marijuana was legalized here in Boulder.You win some, you lose some, folks.  Possibly my favorite DIY project to date, this deer… Continue reading Deer-IY

nestled designs

I’ve worn, styled, plugged via social media and loved Megan’s jewelry since the beginning of summer, and y’all…I’m still smitten. It’s all so pretty & feminine but still has a unique feel. Each piece is incredibly well made and I just can’t get over how someone can hand-make a piece of jewelry that is so flawless. With… Continue reading nestled designs

DIY shoe clips

I’m kind of a shoe hoarder. I do purge often, but I can’t help it. I just love shoes. As the weather starts to warm up (hardly), I thought it would be fun to add some shoe clips to some “old shoes” to update them a tad. The best part? They’re interchangeable and removable! All… Continue reading DIY shoe clips

blueberry muffin ice cream

Blueberry muffins are my absolute favorite thing to eat for breakfast….mostly because I enjoy eating the batter 😉 I made this ice cream for dessert one night when we had breakfast for dinner. I have to say, after eating biscuits & gravy, eggs and bacon, it was THE perfect way to end the meal.  I… Continue reading blueberry muffin ice cream

DIY bow-tied oxfords

The story behind this DIY is two-fold. 1. I found these oxfords at Old Navy on dirt cheap clearance a while ago. I snagged them up and thought they would be SO fun with floral fabric modpodged onto a few sections. Then, a very popular blog posted this post literally days after I bought them. Nuts! Someone beat me to… Continue reading DIY bow-tied oxfords

pumpkin donut recipe

Somehow Monday has a way of sneaking up on me and on Sunday afternoons, I’m all “Crap! I don’t have a Handmade Monday post!” Most of the time, I’ll just skip over it and act like y’all won’t notice. Yesterday, however, after my Sunday afternoon realization of the lack of a scheduled Handmade Monday post…I thought, “Hmmm.… Continue reading pumpkin donut recipe

DIY Heart Marquee Light

Marquee lights are a great way to add an eclectic and unique feel to your decor. However, they’re quite pricey and will easily run you a couple hundred bucks. If you have the cash, support this cute husband and wife team…otherwise, follow this tutorial! This is my second marquee light to make and although EXTREMELY time… Continue reading DIY Heart Marquee Light

muffin tin ice cubes

Have y’all seen those cool ice molds that come in sets of two and make a perfect sphere of ice? I think they’re awesome, but it would frustrate the heck out of me to only be able to make two ice cubes at a time if I want to make enough for a pitcher…or even… Continue reading muffin tin ice cubes