a hooligan in hindsight

My hands are blurry. Must have been doing the robot again.Oh…and hey 32 week bumpity bump.I wore this outfit to church((nope. not all pastor’s wives get all fancied up for Sunday mornings)) and when I got home I realized I looked like, what my mom might call, a hooligan. Someone at church told me I looked like a neutral… Continue reading a hooligan in hindsight

farewell, summer.

We’ve had some crisp mornings and the leaves are definitely starting to turn around here. The pool is closed and sweaters are adorning the walls of most retail stores. This weekend is supposed to be all kinds of sunny &  70 degree perfection.  It’s still toasty in the afternoons, but I can’t help but be… Continue reading farewell, summer.

sponsor highlight + giveaway

Hello ! I’m Alycia of Wildflower Blog, I live in San Diego, California with my husband David and son Kyler. I Became a stay at home a little over a year ago and started blogging shortly after. I have a huge passion for photography and I wanted a place where I could share pictures of the simple things that… Continue reading sponsor highlight + giveaway

Colette Headband Styling Contest!

One of my favorite things about creating accessories is seeing how different people outfit them into their own personal style. I wanted to see how everyone receiving their Colette headbands chose to style them, so I decided to hold a contest! To enter, simply blog, tweet, or instagram your entry (or all three!) of you wearing your Colette headband. We… Continue reading Colette Headband Styling Contest!

it’s finally spring!

I think we’ve finally had our last snowstorm and spring is officially here. Our home is full of flowers brought by sweet friends coming to visit Knox. The daffodils are starting to sprout up from the ground and the grass is a gorgeous shade of green. Hopefully the trees will stop being so confused and… Continue reading it’s finally spring!

tortilla soup recipe

I have several comfort food recipes that I grew up on and crave more often than any other meals. Usually it’s something warm that my mom or Memaw would make at our request, any time we’d come home from college, etc.  One of my favorites ((because of how easy it is to make and how delicious… Continue reading tortilla soup recipe

on being a “martha”

…and no, I’m not referring to the Stewart variety 😉A story that’s been on my heart lately is the one of Mary & Martha. It’s short, so I’ll go ahead and include it here. (( Luke 10:38-42 from the ESV)) 38 As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a… Continue reading on being a “martha”

saturday in indianapolis

Happy October!Well, I’m not sorry for posting an outfit with the same pants two weeks in a row. If I’m going to buy fall colored pants, I’m going to wear the heck out of them in their designated season. Ya feel me? In other news, if you follow me on instagram, you know that I tend… Continue reading saturday in indianapolis