Oh Sweet Joy!

party hat cupcake topper DIY

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! I hope someone gets you good today. I love a good prank.    

Anywho, it seems like Spring-time is party central, with lots of birthdays and celebrations to be had. Today’s DIY project is a fun little cupcake topper that is SO fast and easy and you more than likely have everything on hand already. 

DIRECTIONS:1. Cut about an inch and a half of washi tape. 2. Using a “fancy toothpick” ((the kind with the plastic frilly stuff on top)), poke a hole right in the middle.3. Push the toothpick all the way through, covering up just a bit of the “frilly stuff.”4. Fold in half and trim the excess if you’re off a bit.5. Cut at an angle to make a hat.6. Repeat on the other side & place on cupcakes!

See? I told you. SUPER fast and easy. You can add some trim to make them extra fancy if you’d like. They’re amazingly customizable for party themes/colors and the combinations are endless. 

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