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sponsor highlight + giveaway: Four Flights of Fancy

Today’s sponsor is a gem, y’all. Andrea is a lifestyle blogger over at Four Flights of Fancy and also a style blogger at For the Love Of. She is equal parts real, inspiring, stylish, super-mom, and beautiful. If you don’t already read her two blogs, you need to. From DIY projects to amazing outfits, between her two blogs you can’t leave uninspired. 

Ready to meet her? Readers, meet Andrea. Andrea, meet my readers 🙂

Hi! My name is Andrea and I’m a wife, mom to 2, soon to be 3 kids, and one lover of style. I’ve been blogging over at my lifestyle blog Four Flights of Fancy for over 2 years. I share recipes, DIY projects, kids crafts, and write thoughts on motherhood, my faith journey, and even zombies.I had been posting outfit pictures on the blog for years because I love fashion, but once I quit my job in the fashion industry last year, I decided it was time for me to start another blog dedicated just to style. Hence, For the Love Of was born in March 2012 and I share daily style posts several times a week, post style related DIY’s, and write about things and people that inspire me in the industry. My thoughts on style is that it should be approachable and fun, so I try not to focus on posting items I’m lusting over and can’t afford, but focus on price conscious, but good quality pieces to add to my closet, as well as work with what I already have. With careful and thoughtful purchases, I have built a wardrobe (even a maternity wardrobe!) that I love and I never find myself saying “I don’t have anything to wear!”So if you love crafts, kids, style, neon and honest, heartfelt ramblings please visit my two blogs Four Flights of Fancy (I call that one my “life blog”) and For the Love Of, my style blog. Oh, and if I wasn’t already busy enough, I also just started writing for Disney Baby at their new blog and I share lots of baby and pregnancy related posts. I love blogging and feel very blessed that finally, after a lot of hard work, I can now call blogging a job and not just a hobby! 

Today, Andrea is giving away a BALLER bundle of Neon goodies, valued at over $40. You can check out all of her neon DIY projects here to see more of what you might be receiving! The bundle includes a random assortment of items like the notecards pictured below, a tote bag, and some fun jewelry. I’m totally jealous…I totally share Andrea’s affinity for the neon trend. 

Be sure to find Andrea at the following links. She’s a super fun follow, promise!
FFOF Facebook // FTLO Facebook // Twitter // Pinterest // Instagram: @fourflights

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