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Square Enix Customer Support Number And Services

Please review the Square Enix Terms of Service, as they govern your use of the Services. By using our Services, you agree to our collection, storage, sharing, and other rules, as well as our Privacy Notice and Square Enix Terms of Service explain how we manage your personal data and information. Stop using the Services and, in the case of the Mobile Application, remove it immediately if you do not agree to the conditions of this Privacy Notice.

Square Enix Services

Here are some samples of the kind of data we could collect from you when you use the Services, including data from the prior year.

  • Your bank account number, credit/debit card information, and billing address are all examples of financial information.
  • Your account profile stores your username, password, password hint, and other account registration information.
  • Here you can see your browser or device to view it. Services – utilizes IP address, login information, browser type, and version, time zone configuration, browser plug-in type, and operating system and uniquely identifies the device or program, use the version, Google AdID, Apple IDFA, or other device data.

Details of how you use our websites: such as your click-through URLs and the path we evaluate when determining how you use them. long you spend on our websites and what you do while you’re there when determining how you travel. We will gather location data about your device, including correct location data (such as latitude/longitude) and erroneous location data, with your permission.

Information on how you purchase: Points, game stats, accomplishments, ranks, and rankings in smartphone games, when coupled with third-party programs, tool use, player performance and progress, purchases, and gifts to other players are all possible. As a result, we made purchases and made other decisions based on the information we acquired.

Give Supports On

Name, address, email address, phone number, work history, references, educational history, pre-employment screening results, and background information. Information You Share Publicly: You may be able to upload Content to different public channels. You may credit us if this material is permanently kept, exhibited, published, or utilized by us or others.   

It is also suggested that you visit the Help Forum, where you may discover extra information and support from a Support Forum member that you may find useful.

However, there may be times when you cannot discover anything beneficial on the website to assist you in solving the problem. If this is the case, proceed with the procedures on their connection and latency troubleshooting page. However, if you do not want to go searching for the processes, you may go through the instructions mentioned below for your convenience.

Please remember that we have no control over who has access to the data you supply. we cannot guarantee that anyone who has access to such public data will respect or safeguard your privacy. Before providing any information about the Services, please think about it. For personal data transmitted from the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Switzerland, we take reasonable measures, such as using conventional contract terms. 

Information about you from other parties:  we may utilize the information you submit directly to improve our capacity to serve you, organize material, and provide you with features from time to time. Third-party documentation may be enhanced for numerous objectives.

However, there may be times when you cannot discover anything beneficial on the website to assist you in solving the problem. If that’s the case, go to their latency and network difficulties page and follow the directions.

Login with a third-party service: Additional services include enrolling in or signing into an account through Facebook, Google, Steam, or any other third-party service.  You may share information from your social network profiles in this way, including your name, email address, photo, gender, birthday, location, friends, people you follow / people who follow you, posts by your material, and more. 

This is your favorite article. Please bear in mind that this Privacy Notice does not apply to these third parties, and we cannot be held accountable for their actions. Before utilizing third-party technology to communicate with the Services, you should examine any applicable privacy policies.

Compile a list of numbers from advertisements

 We and others can use the advertising service to target advertisements for items or services that you or others like you are interested in. financial services.  For example, if you provide us with your email address, we may share it with Facebook so that you may communicate with us. You can also receive advertising that is tailored to your interests.    


These monitoring technologies may be used to help you see appropriate advertising, avoid viewing the same ad many times and understand the advantages of various ads, among other things. Other parties’ policies and use of your information are not covered by this Privacy Notice, therefore you should visit their websites for additional information about their privacy practices. 

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