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  Oh hey! Nadine from a Secondary Heartbeat here today. I’m excited to share some words with you!

It’s always the right moment to encourage someone with truth. Right? Does there exist a moment when the person you are with, looking at, thinking about, doesn’t need encouragement?
Recently I was chatting with my Mom on the phone about prayer and she said something profound:It’s pretty easy to pray without ceasing since everyone around you is going through something they need prayer for.She was simply echoing the words of scripture in Romans 12:12 with words of her own.

Every single person I encounter needs encouragement and prayer. They need someone who will rejoice with them in the good things and walk with them through the hard things. I want to be that to those around me.
In light of that truth, I want to share 3 ways I tangibly encourage the people in my life:1. I send mail. Mail is something that I’m pretty sure everybody likes receiving when it’s not a bill or an ad. So about once a month or two, I sit down for an evening and do a lot of written writing. I buy cards often when I see a good set, and often will go to a card store with specific people in mind and buy something that will speak to their heart. I also make sure to pop in at stores that sell cards on sale and buy there.
Sometimes I’ll pick a piece of scripture and put it in each card I’m writing, and sometimes I’ll find something specific for each person.
The point isn’t to write something profound and life changing, it’s to write something life giving.
2. I initiate hang-outs.
I’ve paid enough attention to realize that most females feel left out. Myself included. I wish I lived a life where I didn’t have to initiate all the time, but if I don’t, I’ll be sitting at home. The people sitting at home have all the opportunity in the world to step up and ask others to do something. I like to have an open door and a bottle of wine or cup of tea pretty much ready at all times. I’ve got a great comfy couch which has heard many secrets. I truly think that people are looking for safe places to put their hurts. I want to offer space for people because I’m encouraged by the friends that make time to listen to my life.
I also initiate hang-outs with other bloggers. I probably have at least four chats a month, more if I can. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in an afternoon that has had four different video chats. That is a good (and full) day.
3. I make it a habit to pray for them.
Like my Mom mentioned, everybody needs prayer, and since scripture confirms it, it isn’t an option of if I pray but why would I ever stop prayingPrayer is something I write about often on my own blog, not only because I love it, but to remind myself to make it a priority. If someone comes to mind, I should pray. Why wouldn’t I? I pray often for the visitors of my blog, that they’ll experience truth and come to know Jesus in deeper ways.
This list is easy-peasy. It’s basic and not exhaustive. Encouragement is not a hard thing to practice.

Thanks for sharing that, Nadine! Let’s be encouragers, y’all! I’m so inspired to be less worried about receiving and instead being SO generous in my encouragement and prayer. Don’t forget to visit Nadine here & here. You will certainly feel a little more loved and encouraged when you leave her space.

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