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the *BIG* reveal!! a closet sewing space – it CAN be done!

Well, hello & Happy Monday. You lucky ducks get two posts in one day!
I wanted to share my studio space with you today & I’m thrilled to do so!
I’ll be the first to admit that I had it made when we lived in Gunnison as far as studio space goes. Our entire third floor bedroom was huge, had hardwood floors, white walls, lots of light, and entirely dedicated to sewing. Unfortunately, I never got a photo of it. Probably because every bit of floor & table was always junked out with fabric. 
Not exaggerating. 
When we first got married, my sewing room was also a spare bedroom. So when we moved into this two bedroom condo here in Boulder, I knew it could be done…but that I would just have to get creative. And oh, did I get creative. 
Are you ready for this people? It can be done...a sewing space in a closet…and this is proof.

((click to enlarge))
Not pictured, but directly to my left from where I was standing to take this photo, is my cutting table. It’s not pretty, so I didn’t feel like it was important to show it. It’s just my craft fair table with my cutting mat on it. Boom.
Want some up close & personal shots? Of course you do…

A $4 thrifted bookshelf made into a pretty display of sewing books, odds & ends, patterns, and of course some fabric. 

zoomed in. 

close up of the peg board. 

 my favorite little nook of the closet.

 the machines//my day time companions.

i love love my little fabric covered tin cans. once holding corn, tomatoes, and cream of chicken soup…now holding sewing tools (read: seam rippers), writing utensils, & clothespins.
FUNCTION:*I bought the peg board and hardware for said peg board at Home Depot for $12. I had some Krylon Indoor/Outdoor spray paint and went to town painting it my favorite color. 
*I got to design the desk at The Container Store((i love you, container store)) and took it home to assemble. It cost around $150, but it is a worthy expense for me. Every time we move, we spend about $20-30 on crappy desks. Then we sell them for $5 at yard sales. I wanted something that is a good investment & that I can keep for a long long time. It has great Elfa storage ((which is on sale at the moment)) on the left side. It’s crisp, clean, white, great quality, and easy to assemble. ((Are you wanting one yet?))
*I hung up 2 clip boards that I had covered with scrapbook paper. I’m hoping that will keep me organized with orders. 
*Fabric covered tin cans, described above.
*Lampshade & Lamp: $6.99+$9.99 at Target.
*I had the plastic storage drawers on the left from when I worked at camp
DECOR: *Keep Calm & Sew On poster. I won this from a giveaway & put it in a $4 frame from Target. 
*Framed Oh, Sweet Joy! Logo. Thanks Lisa @ My Little Buffalo, for designing a logo that is pretty enough to frame 🙂
*In my opinion, you just can’t beat beautiful fabric framed in embroidery hoops.
*Bunting flags from my Handmade Market table set-up.
*Vintage Spool Holder with a mix of vintage & new thread. 

So….what do you think?! I hope you are inspired & encouraged to know that you don’t have to have an entire room to have a space to yourself to create. It’s all what you make of it! Get creative, friends. You can do it! 🙂

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