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I’ve had such a pull lately to share more of my heart on here. Today, this comes in the form of an incoherent ramble. When pondering my time spent blogging, I decided to type it out. 
In blogging and in life, in general:
There’s always pride to kill when you get a little boastful because of a magazine feature, a jump in readers, a record amount of comments. 
There’s always narcissism to attack when you notice how many photos you’re instagramming of yourself a day.
There’s always some heartbreak along the way when you get a nasty anonymous comment. 
There’s always a good dose of humility to swallow when you put a lot of work into a post and don’t get the pins or comments you thought you deserved. 
That word –  right there –  is a punch to the gut, isn’t it? I see a LOT of entitlement in myself on a daily basis. The yuck in my heart when I get prideful & entitled is gross…and to be quite honest, it’s often that I see it in others and start to judge them harshly and roll my eyes (again, YUCK in my heart) as I click away from their blog, vowing to never read it again because they are wretched sinners, often hypocrites who don’t see the sin in their own life. For real. This is actually what I think and have to catch myself… because I’m so incredibly screwed up and in need of grace. 
 Then the Holy Spirit gives me a nice jab-cross-hook-upper combination to my soul in the most loving way possible. 
Hey, Kim. You might want to check that 2X4 thats stuck in your eyeball. Repent. Ask for forgiveness. Love. From countless emails, comments, and tweets…readers have shared that God has used this blog in other people’s lives to draw them closer to Him. This blog has brought joy and peace to readers who don’t know God or simply those who choose not to believe in Him….all of which I am so humbled & thankful. However, if there’s anything that God has done through this blog….it’s refine me. He’s sifted my soul. He’s crushed my identity when it’s not based on him. He’s allowed me to grasp a small picture of grace. He’s made me new
-Don’t get discouraged when your numbers don’t grow. Don’t be jealous when someone else’s blog does grow. I saw this quote somewhere recently:
“Bloggers are your community, not your competition”
-Rejoice and be thankful, but not boastful if they do. Be humble if your tiny space on the interwebs blows up. Don’t lose who you are because you have a lot of housewives & stay at home moms that read your blog during nap time. It’s not that impressive to everyone else in real life. Promise.

-When you are going through burn-out, take a step back. Ask your real life friends for forgiveness for neglecting them and putting more love & energy into your space on the internet.  Commit to them. Spend time with them.

-Don’t think that your readers and twitter followers need a  play by play of every moment of your life. Leave your phone at home on date night. We don’t care what you’re eating! Just spend time with your husband and don’t instagram a split screen of you two. Put your phone down and LIVE. More than anything, this will allow you to take a break and stop working. 

-Don’t allow  your blog to be an idol that determines how you feel about yourself. Because if we think about it, we’ll realize that blogs are a pretty lame-ass idol. Sorry for saying ass. Bottom line, I’m just trying to say that blogging shouldn’t bring out the worst in you.
Enjoy your blog, but don’t worship it…k?  K.
((stepping off of my soap box for now))

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