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((DISCLAIMER: this is an uncomfortable and political post. if you came here for something light hearted, there’s an outfit post below))

Last night I had a fascinating conversation with someone on twitter. It was fascinating in the way that I was literally shocked that someone felt the way they did. It was more-so fascinating in the way that I got involved in a political conversation. On twitter.
You see, I’m the least political person out there. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Republican home with a super conservative family, so I’m sure you can gather how my morals and political party association probably lies. However, in 2008 Chase & I actually went to the MSC on Texas A&M’s campus to vote, but we abstained. We claimed, ” I don’t associate to a political party, I relate with Jesus.”
Such hippie wannabes. 
This year, I mailed in my vote early. I will likely regret stating these following statements. I voted for Romney. For me, it came down to the current president being for abortion and for gay marriage. Some might say, “You can’t vote based off of two single issues.” To that I say, “Sure I can. I live in America. Don’t you love beautiful Democracy?
Being a Christian, I’ll be honest. I’m shocked that more Christians don’t weigh these issues more heavily. To me, the first is murder. The second? Is sin. I don’t feel right voting for someone who is endorsing murder & sin. Those are my convictions. Don’t claim I hate gay people. I don’t. I just struggle with the Biblical basis of gay marriage. That’s all. 
With all of that said, the conversation on twitter started last night when someone I followed stated:
You cannot call yourself a Christian and follower of Jesus, the Author of LIFE, and vote for President Obama.”
Later she said she stood corrected based off of my arguments, but still claimed that there’s no way that they (those Christians that voted for Obama) are currently “walking in His Spirit.”
I usually would just get off of twitter at this point, but honestly I felt the Holy Spirit prompting, “this isn’t right Kim and you need to set this straight.” ((I obviously didn’t “set it straight” because she unfollowed me and blocked me after our conversation))
So let me set this straight for some of you Christians that might be attacked for your Democratic vote: You are a redeemed child of God, even if you vote for Obama. The Bible says nothing about American political parties and the Gospel covers all. 
*Christians, you should know better than to claim that people can’t realllllly be Christians if they vote to re-elect the current President. We cannot judge hearts and we cannot judge convictions. That’s God’s job. 
*Christians, you should know better than to put Jesus in a box with politics. Jesus can stand on HIS OWN box and redeem this world regardless of the President elected into office in the United States of America in 2012. 
*Christians, you should know better than to assume that those who voted for Obama did it without prayer or discernment. 
*Christians, you should know better  than to BELIEE and CLAIM that believers can only vote for Romney. Last time I checked, both candidates are SINNERS that aren’t perfect. Romney is a Mormon for crying out loud. They believe even weirder stuff than Christians do. Neither of the candidates are fully honest or fully good. 
*Christians, you should know better than to NOT believe the Gospel this political season. If you did believe it, then you wouldn’t be forgetting that Jesus died for all sinners…even those who are pro-choice and gay marriage. 
These are my opinions. This is my blog. I’m turning off comments and run the risk of losing followers on my views mentioned above. I’m okay with that. I’m pretty sure Jesus is too. ((wait. sigh. cuss. pray. wait again. publish))love.
((i changed my phrasing of “shame on you” to “you should know better.” i’m thankful that we serve a God of second chances rather than a God of guilt & shame. amen?))

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