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What to Expect from the Geigerverse

Geoff Johns is a well-known comic book writer and screenwriter for his work on major titles such as Justice League, Action Comics, and Green Lantern. He has also been instrumental in bringing beloved DC Comics characters to the big and small screens, including the recent hit show Stargirl. This post will look at Johns’ upcoming work and what fans can expect from the writer.

One of Johns’s most exciting projects is the upcoming TV adaptation of his recent comic book series, Geiger. The series, illustrated by long-time collaborator Gary Frank, follows the story of a nuclear family who are among the few survivors of a nuclear apocalypse. The show will be produced by Paramount Television Studios, with Johns serving as the showrunner and Justin Simeon from Culture Machine directing the pilot.

The comic book series fans can expect a faithful adaptation of the source material. Johns tweaked the pilot script to expand on certain story aspects, such as the character Geiger’s family. Despite the quick turnaround from the release of the comic book series to the TV adaptation, Johns remains excited about the project and working with fantastic people on the show.

In addition to the Geiger adaptation, Johns has several other upcoming projects in the works. He has hinted at future collaborations with artist Jason Fabok, with whom he has previously worked on titles such as Batman: Three Jokers. Fans can only speculate on these projects, but given their past successes, it’s sure to be something special.

Another interesting tidbit from Johns is his approach to character development. He reveals that some of his most beloved characters, such as Redcoats from an upcoming project, have surprised him with their humor and wit. This has led him to explore their personalities more deeply, resulting in more dynamic and engaging storytelling. For fans of Johns’ work, this insight into his creative process is invaluable.

Finally, Johns has expressed interest in having long-time collaborators Jason Fabok and Gary Frank on a podcast in the future. While there are no concrete plans yet, it’s an exciting prospect for fans of the trio’s previous work and could provide an interesting and unique look at their creative process.

Overall, there’s a lot to be excited about regarding Geoff Johns’ upcoming work. From the Geiger TV adaptation to future collaborations with Jason Fabok and surprising character development, Johns continues pushing the boundaries of the comic book medium and bringing beloved characters to new audiences. Fans of his work can’t wait to see what he has in store next.

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