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Why is outlook 365 signature not working

You may try a few things if your Outlook 365 signature isn’t working for you. First, ensure you’ve correctly entered the HTML code for your signature. If that doesn’t work, try restarting Outlook. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can try reinstalling Outlook.  Also, you can try the methods we will describe in this content below,

Incorrect signature settings

If your Outlook 365 signature isn’t working, it’s likely because you’ve either incorrectly set up your signature in Outlook or have an issue with the signature file itself.

To correctly set up your Outlook 365 signature:

Open Outlook and go to File > Options > Mail.

Under Compose messages, click Signatures.

If you already have a signature prepared, click the one you wish to use, then select Edit. If you don’t have a signature, click New, then type your signature..

When you’re finished, click Save > Close.

If your signature still isn’t working, there may be an issue with the signature file itself. To check this, open the signature file in a text editor like Notepad, then check to see if the file is correctly formatted. If it’s not, try re-saving the file in a different format.

Signature files not compatible with Outlook

If you’re using Outlook 365 and your signature isn’t working, the file type may have a compatibility issue. Outlook 365 uses a different file format for signatures than previous versions of Outlook, so older signature files may not be compatible. To fix this, you’ll need to create a new signature file in the compatible file format and then use that file in Outlook 365.

Creating a new signature file is easy. Just open a text document and type your signature. Once done, save the file as a .txt file. Then, open Outlook 365 and go to the Settings gear icon. Under “Settings,” click on “Mail” and scroll down to “Signatures.” In the “Signatures” section, click the “Choose File” button and select the .txt file. Your signature should now work in Outlook 365.

Signature files corrupted or damaged

If your Outlook signature files are corrupted or damaged, likely, your signatures will not be working correctly. Try these;

  1. Go to Mail > Options > Signatures.
  2. Select the signature you want to fix, and click Repair.
  3. Follow the prompts in the repair wizard.
  4. When the repair is complete, restart Outlook and check to see if your signatures are working correctly.

If the above steps do not fix your corrupted or damaged signatures, you may need to delete and recreate your signatures. To do this:

  1. Close Outlook and open the Control Panel.
  2. Go to Mail > Options > Signatures.
  3. To recreate your signature, follow the steps in the create signature wizard.
  4. When you are finished, restart Outlook and check to see if your signatures are working correctly.

Signature not appearing in Outlook.

There are a few potential reasons why your Outlook 365 signature isn’t appearing, As well as;

  1. Check your signature settings in Outlook 365. Go to File > Options > Mail > Signatures. Make sure you have a signature and select it to be inserted automatically.
  2. Check that your signature file is up-to-date and not corrupted. If you have a signature file created in an older version of Outlook, it might not be compatible with Outlook 365. Try creating a new signature file in Outlook 365 and see if that works.
  3. If you’re using a third-party email service, like Gmail, check to see if their settings are causing your Outlook 365 signature not to appear. For example, Gmail has a setting that can prevent signatures from appearing in outgoing messages.
  4. Check your computer’s virus protection software. Sometimes, virus protection software can block signatures from appearing in Outlook 365. Try temporarily disabling your virus protection software and see if that helps.
  5. If you’re still having trouble, contact Microsoft support for more help.


There are several potential causes for why an Outlook 365 signature might not work. The most common reason is that the signature file is not configured correctly. Another potential cause is that the signature file is corrupt. Finally, another potential cause is that the signature file is not compatible with the version of Outlook that you are using.

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