Oh Sweet Joy!

wrapping gifts for pennies

Here’s the deal.
 I’m a tight-wad frugal. 
Around the holidays, this is especially a struggle, most specifically in the form of gift-wrap. You see, when I find the most gorgeous woodgrain wrapping paper at The Container Store or actually splurge on Rifle Paper Co. Wrapping sheets((assuming that it will be a generous roll…it only comes with 3 tiny sheets, by the way. someone didn’t read the description.)), it sort of gives me heart palpitations when I think that someone will simply rip it off to find the Christmas loot inside. 

This year, I went with kraft paper. I’ve done this off & on for Christmases past, but not exclusively. This year? It’s exclusive, y’all. Here are a few ways you can make it more unique and less…um…well, plain jane and more festive with just a few simple additions that you likely already have on hand.
1.A sweet little message + glitter ribbon. Simply wrap it up and draw a little somethin’ somethin’. Get as intricate as you wish.

2.Christmas song lyrics. Measure out how much you need to wrap a specific box. Spread paper out on a table and anchor it down on the corners.  Choose the gift recipient’s favorite Christmas song ((this is for Chase, so I chose “O Come O Come, Emmanuel,” which he preached on yesterday)) and write out the lyrics. Wrap gift and then add a ribbon for some color.

3.Potato or Apple Stamp It.Carve out a shape into a potato or apple ((tutorial here)) and using regular craft paint, stamp onto paper and fill in any inconsistencies with a q-tip or paintbrush. 

((eek! monster hands!))
Now your gifts are personalized, pretty, didn’t cost an arm & a leg to wrap and don’t look like everyone else’s under the tree! 😀 Yippee! 

Tips:-When using Kraft paper to wrap gifts, typical scotch tape doesn’t work. I use packaging tape and it seems to work best (it’s still clear).-If you want to stamp a lot of paper at a time, cut it out and, using thumb tacks, attach it to walls. Stamp away, let it dry, and then wrap. -Metallic paint pens would also be gorgeous instead of sharpies! I just like the simple look of these guys with a pop of color for the ribbon or paint.-Go to Joann, back in the picture frame section. Get a roll of “frame backing paper” instead of standard kraft paper. It’s a bit thinner and easier to work with. Use a coupon and get the roll for less than $3. Run a victory lap. Grab some cute ribbon on that victory lap and get in line. It’s the holidays, so you’ll be there for a while.

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